Samsung unveiled its 2015 Q4 sales revenue 02

Samsung Published Its Sales Revenues Q4 Of 2015

Samsung released their earnings guidance for the Q4 of 2015. The company said that they have an operating profit of 6.1 trillion Korean won, which is up around 15% compared to the 5.3 trillion won figure the company reported in Q4 2014.

However, the profit was down around 18% compared to Q3 2015.The forecast also missed market expectations – analysts were expecting the company to report a profit of around 6.6 trillion won.Samsung unveiled its 2015 Q4 sales revenue 01 Overall sales revenues are forecasted to be around 53.0 trillion won, slightly up from the 52.7 trillion won figure reported in the same quarter of the year 2014. Samsung is expected to release final figures towards the end of this month.

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