The Best Design Of Game 2014 -Monument Valley

Monument Valley-a good puzzle game for boring time 01

Recently,a puzzle game become more and more popular,that is Monument Valley. in this game,you must use your intelligence to help the princess to go out the castle. You have to navigate through ten levels, with your main means of interaction being the ability to rotate the perspective or turn certain parts of the stage around. Though things appear to be three-dimensional, you cannot trust your eyes. If a piece is connecting to another piece, even if it seems like it should be impossible in 3D terms, the pieces are considered connected. If you’ve ever played Echochrome or Fez, you’ll know what to expect here.  Monument Valley-a good puzzle game for boring time 02There’s quite a lot to enjoy in that regard. Monument Valley is almost impossibly gorgeous. No one stage looks like any other stage, and even within the stages themselves, the look and feeling of the paths you walk can change very quickly. Every screenshot looks like a little work of art, and seeing how pieces of the levels move is a treat all on its own. One of the later stages in the game works something like a music box, and the way it all unfolds and moves as you push things around is sublime. Not to be outdone, the sound design in this game is also outstanding.