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Frankly speaking,I’d like to know what type of spin SOE intend to put on traditional questing.I have no idea about who can do much better than ArenaNet in this department.ArenaNet

One of the great achievements of Guild Wars 2 will always be the introduction of more dynamic, or shall we say more complex and genuine public events than ever before in MMO history.More importantly,some have made an attempt at downplaying this achievement for the sake of all kinds of reasons.However, as far as I am concerned ArenaNet have completely altered the state of traditional MMO questing and set a very high bar for AAA-MMORPGs to come in the exploration department.


ArenaNetTo tell the truth, fetch & delivery have all but gone in this game,actually with travel and exploration focused on the environment with random events triggered all around you whether you be there or not, have spoiled me completely for older games such as LOTRO where the fedex-grind is still alive and well (ftr: I like LOTRO but questing is tedious).Fans of traditional questing have argued that a mixture of public events and traditional questing would’ve created a better outcome for GW2.Nevertheless,I’m not sure I concur. I’m just too loaded with kill-ten-rats-angst to delve further into this subject.


Currently, just to remember briefly why GW2’s dynamic events are mostly amazing:
It is true that they’re actually on a timer but the average player such as myself doesn’t really track this and probably won’t for a while to come (unless you’re after specifics),randomly popping up, free-for-all, location-bound scenarios with individual loot.
Multi-stage events with various outcome; the wiki calls this the “cascading effect” which basically means some events will trigger more events (sometimes) and with various outcome depending on if/how the group succeeded.
Multiple targets / solution finding; most quests allow for different playstyles in order to be solved – be it slaying monsters, gathering items or setting roofs on fire. Unlike for Wildstar, paths exist in GW2 without being a determining and lasting choice.ArenaNet

In fact, events in GW2 aren’t perfect. There’s certainly room to improve, especially where mechanics and impact are concerned.

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