LG V10- An Excellent Shooting Smartphone

LG V10- An Excellent Shooting Smartphone

LG V10 is a flagship of new V-series.In term of timbre and shooting.It is pretty good. It’s a feature-packed device and its signature feature is the secondary always-on display and a dual selfie camera.

Until recently, the LG G4 and the G Flex2 ruled LG’s lineup as co-flagships, but now there is only one king. In our preview we described it as “G4 on steroids” and the longer we spend with the LG V10, the more we are convinced this is an apt description.LG V10- An Excellent Shooting Smartphone

The secondary display is essentially one line above the main screen that can be left on 24/7 and serves for notifications and shortcuts. This is to the notification light as email is to Morse code – a much richer way to give you at-a-glance info of what happened since you last checked your phone.

We’ve seen secondary screens like this one before, but this is our first dual selfie camera. LG solved the problem of group selfies (‘groufies’) by adding a super-wide 120° camera, in addition to the standard 80° one. Many more of your friends can now fit into the shot.LG V10- An Excellent Shooting Smartphone

The main camera is very impressive too, it features the most comprehensive set of manual controls we’ve ever seen on a mobile device. Even PureView Lumias and Samsung’s smartphone/camera hybrids didn’t have some of the settings available on the LG V10.

The LG V10 is an exercise in rugged design and premium engineering. The chassis, which LG has dubbed Dura Guard, is built out of 316L stainless steel (which is harder and heavier than aluminum). Stainless steel is covered with chromium oxide and when scratched, the chromium underneath reacts with oxygen from the air and heals the scratch, preventing further damage.LG V10- An Excellent Shooting Smartphone

The LG V10 is shock-resistant, living up to this particular part of the MIL-STD-810G standard. Analysis of real life drops showed LG that nearly half of all phones land on their corners. There are silicone bumpers to absorb the shock. Furthermore, the rigid steel frame does not flex, which prevents the glass from cracking. On other phones, the frame can flex more than the glass, causing it to crack.

The LG V10 screen shares the amazingly low minimum brightness level of only 3.9nits that we first saw on the LG G4, which means it will go quite easy on the eyes when you use the phone in pitch dark settings.

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