VSCO Cam Stared Guide
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VSCO Cam Stared Guide

VSCO Cam Stared GuideDo you like film style of photography? Will you play VSCO Cam?As long as you’ve been a little App, VSCO Cam name must be heard.The best filter(VSCO Cam)-minority specially done before.In the way of taking pictures a wave after wave, while a healthy first, and boss sets but VSCO super strength also won a big Bob loyal fans. The name of VSCO Cam was made by the Visual Supply Co,before the company has been in the job as a digital photograph beautification, developed super popular plug-in VSCO qualities, in May this year, the company has just won a $40 million in financing.I suppose that a number of people never play with it and fall in love with a variety of high-end goods.Therefore,how can good control the interface looks tall, let the people don’t know where to start? How to distinguish the various filters to spin the beautiful? How to play the VSCO Grid and share to show them to friends? This paper will answer one by one to you.


Taking pictures
If you open the VSCO in the figure,you can also can be taken directly from mobile phone photo album import photos.Moreover,you can look to VSCO Grid photographs depict to search for the known photographer and attention.Of course,you can also to worship them.Additionally,if you want to interact with the application of website,you need to sign up for an account first.




VSCO Cam Stared Guide

A filter
VSCO Cam is currently the most film photos application of the simulation results, it’s most distinctive and filter you must feel proud, perhaps a completely can’t match with the photography side will change opinion of photography. Updated application built in 10 filters, a variety of styles to try. Many people already pay for it pay filter, suggested by the new friends to play for free, it is everywhere film tone and charming texture will conquer you.



color retouching
Just like the filters,but a photo is not yet complete, more detail needs to be adjusted.On the photo,you should click the menu bar at the bottom of the triangle button.And you will see a few buttons, respectively is, editor, and back up one step operation, the original image, click the second “double-headed wrench” edit button, for the custom photos for more details.

VSCO Cam Stared Guide


If you want to interact with the application of website,you will need to sign up for an account first.

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