Windows Phone 8 – A new Platform Review

In the mobile world, I’m mainly an iOS programmer and I have”some” experience composing Android apps. I also don’t have any development experience with almost any Microsoft platform at all. So for me personally this stage is something entirely different. It’s a brand new language, a different user interface mindset, a new SDK to learn… So I decided to dip into it head first. I want to offer you my first impressions and give you a general overview of what Windows Phone 8 is and what it will be like to produce programs for it! Though I enjoy iOS very much, it is sometimes interesting to look at other programs to make sure I am not overlooking anything. I tried Android earlier but in the long run I didn’t enjoy it very much. Windows Phone on the other hand, looks very promising and is very original.
Wp8-nextgen-readerAt initial glance, Windows Phone 8 looks completely different from what you are utilized to with different kinds of smart phones. It applies the”content on chrome” principle, meaning they don’t spoil the UI with things that don’t have anything related to content. To put it differently, Windows Phone does not conduct skeuomorphism. So UI’s are mainly built out of abstract text and lines. The beauty of this is that Microsoft was actually thinking out-of-the-box this moment! They did not attempt to steal anything from another stage and came up with something entirely different on their own. In my opinion they did a very good job. The UI appears clean, intuitive and very original! Many men and women see this as a negative part, but such as iOS could not have been as good as it is now without all of the constraints. Without constraints you’ll get chaos like what is occurring about the Android platform: endless number of devices you have to support separately, infinite number of OS versions you want to support. Additionally when a user downloads an app you can’t be certain if the app even works in your device, often the user can not even upgrade the device to the latest version of the OS, and the platform is quite vulnerable to all kinds of malware. And the list goes on… With Windows Phone 8 you merely have to support 3 screen dimensions, apps are reviewed by Microsoft, and when you download an app there is not any doubt it is going to run on your apparatus. Also there are a few rules specifying what an app can and can’t do this an app won’t record your telephone conversations without you finding out for example. And lastly there’s the market share. At this moment the market share is quite small, but seemingly it is growing! I read positive things once I come across articles concerning Windows Phone 8.

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