Filmmakers Best: Smartphone Tripod Mounts for Shooting Smooth Mobile Videos review

In each filmmaker’s arsenal, they have a few things. The first and most attentive addition is that the tripod mount. Finding the best smartphone tripod mount can be hard –that is the reason why I put together this phone tripod mount equipment manual. Ranked in no particular order, these will be the top-selling tripod mounts for smartphones in 2019.
Haitent Smartphone Tripod Stand up with Gooseneck Clamp
The Haitent Smartphone Tripod is a made of aluminum alloy structure. It’s a large smartphone tripod too; it extends to 7.2 feet tall! Another unique characteristic… GOOSENECK CLAMP! It’s back, just like it never leftexcept on a mobile smartphone tripod.
The Hatient smartphone tripod is compatible with all smartphones. It rotates 360 degrees for custom shots, and also the best part is it’s huge for a low price.

smartphone tripod

Adjustable up to 7.2 feet tall.
360-degree spinning
Generic smartphone bracket
Gooseneck clamp design mount
What the what?! A mobile smartphone tripod mount AND Bluetooth remote selfie stick? Who the hell is Fugetek and where are they hiding? The Fugetek mobile smartphone mount/selfie stick is actually all you need.
The Bluetooth distant connects fast and is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones. The all-in-one tripod mount/selfie stick is fully adjustable to match any smartphone and is built with tough durable cloth to ensure it stays on.
Tripod + Bluetooth Selfie Stick
1-Year Guarantee
The UBeesize Tabletop Smartphone Tripod is a heavy-duty tripod that’s so compact that you can put it in your pocket for mobile filmmaking trips.
The miniature ball head is designed for 360-degree rotation and 45-degree leaning, so allowing you to find the perfect shot anytime. The UBeesize desktop tripod is perfect for vlogging, YouTube videos in your area, or overall walking round with your smartphone

Android phones

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