Tessa’s Weekly Picks – 3D Printed Smartphone Cases sale

Like many other people, my smart phone is my agenda, my Rolodex, my camera, my files of administration, my publications, my maps, my diary, you name it and it’s on my phone. If you consider it… it requires protection! What 3D printed black-dressed bodyguard could I buy for my smartphone?
Freshfiber is a Dutch company using our favorite Matthijs Kok, as head of design. I adore all the instances they sell due to the tactility of the plan and the form of the structure. Like for instance, the fish scale texture of the 3D published case, Piranha.
I enjoy clear graphic and geometric patterns, in 2D and 3D, because of the repetition and the drama with light, texture, and structure. The 3D published hexagon pattern made by designer Donghae Ha for this smartphone (also top image) is really wonderful.

Smartphone Cases

The other 3D printed Smartphone Cases instance from Freshfiber is called Membrane. The attractiveness of this cover is the dual layers of structures at the rear of the smartphone which come together at the edges of the cover.
Another wonderful example from Ha, a 3D printed case with dots at a closed and open arrangement.
Dominik Raskin designed this 3D printed grid-like case. In the areas of the case that require extra stability, like the borders, the grid is more heavy when compared with the center of the circumstance.
The last example with a 3D printed play of lines is from Ha. In a double coating of 3D printed lines, it looks elastic bands wrapped around the smartphone.

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