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Did you buy a Nintendo Switch?

Earlier this month, Nintendo launched its brand new video game console, which the company hopes will truly blend the experience of playing a video game at home, and then taking that game out of the house without sacrificing anything. That effort is called the Switch, which is effectively a tablet that can dock into a stay-at-home peripheral, then let players play their game on the TV at home.

The appeal of something like this is pretty obvious to some (most?) gamers, especially those who love Nintendo first-party games. Like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which, if you’ve been paying any attention to that title, is apparently pretty good. Being able to play that game without sacrificing the quality between the dock and tablet (and actually improving in some ways from TV to tablet) is pretty awesome.

Both Microsoft and Sony have initiated these same ideas in some capacity or another, with the latter company certainly having a leg up with its PS Vita console. But, for the most part, Nintendo figured it out, and all they did was basically launch a tablet.

So, if you’ve picked one up, how has the experience been for you so far?

I had a chance to go to a local retail store and pick one up at launch, earlier this month, but I just couldn’t talk myself into picking up a $300 console just for one game. I want to get one, and I definitely will at some point in the future, but I want more games to play when I do. So I’m waiting. But it’s been hard, because a lot of my friends got one and they’ve been talking about their time with the console in a mostly positive light. Especially the new Zelda game.

For me, I’m waiting mostly for the upcoming Mario Kart title, because I think it would be pretty awesome to play that with my kids while we’re waiting to do other things. With so many restaurants having tablets at the table these days, I can’t help but think playing something like Mario Kart would be so much more fun. (Plus, they can do that at the same time.)

So I’ll pick one up some day (soon), but I wanted to hear from you, the folks who picked one up, and find out how you’re liking the Switch so far. Is it as fun as it looks like, and sounds like? Are you finding yourself playing even more video games because it’s portable? Let me know!

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