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Google launches #myAndroid Taste Test to help you customize your device

Well known for customizability, Android will also be difficult to come up with a new look for your device. Google is here to help.

Google has launched the #myAndroid Taste Test to help you customize your Android device to fit your personality. The Taste Test will ask you a handful of different questions that Google wants you to answer impulsively, like “Vibrant or muted” and “Maximalism or minimalism”.

Once you’re done, Google will recommend a few looks that it thinks fit you best. It’ll suggest a wallpaper app, icon pack, launcher app, a widget, and a keyboard, and it’ll provide download links for all of them.

This is a pretty nifty little tool from Google. Not only can it benefit Android novices by helping them find customization tools in the deep, deep catalog of apps known as the Play Store, but it can also be good for Android experts who want some inspiration for a new look that they might not have thought up on their own. If you’re an Android user, it’s definitely worth taking five minutes to try the #myAndroid Taste Test to see what you get.

lg g6 hands on

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