Top 5 2015's brightest smartphones
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Top 5 2015’s brightest smartphones

You certainly know the pain of having to use your smartphone in bright daylight. There’s hardly a display that can easily cope with these harsh conditions in a perfect fashion. After all, it’s impossible to wage a brightness war on a celestial body that has a mass 330,000 times that of the Earth.

Still, this doesn’t mean that the smartphone scene brings a toothpick to the gunfight. There’s only so much a display can achieve in the brightness department, but there already exist many devices that perform decently and make it quite easy for the user to interact with the display.
Lots of these were released this year, so we decided to round them up for you. Now, have in mind that the data reflects the maximum brightness we achieved in our tests of the devices below and the majority of these have been recorded with auto brightness enabled.
Without further ado, check the most “blinding” devices of 2015 so far!
1. Sony Xperia M4 Aqua – 551 nits

Sony’s water-tight munchkin, the M4 Aqua, has a lot of noteworthy traits that make it a rather good mid-range offering, but the one that we are interested in is brightness output. Turns out the compact Sony can eke out as much as 551 nits out of brightness. Nice!
Top 5 2015's  brightest smartphones
2. Xiaomi Redmi 2 – 552 nits

The entry-level Redmi 2 is one of Xiaomi’s most affordable offerings, pairing some relatively good specs with a feature-rich user interface. It’s a rather modest handset, but not in the display department, where it achieved 552 nits of maximum brightness in our tests.
Top 5 2015's  brightest smartphones

The dual-curved Samsung phone does not only sport exterior design to die for, it also has a rather good Super AMOLED display. Starting with the excellent color temperature and spot-on gamma, all things considered, the phone also exhibits noteworthy brightness output of 553 nits.
Top 5 2015's  brightest smartphones
4. Apple iPhone 6s – 554 nits

The majority of iPhone devices so far have all displayed excellent maximum brightness settings, and the recent addition to the pack, the iPhone 6s is no different. It achieved 554 nits in our display test, which is a very good achievement.
Top 5 2015's  brightest smartphones
5. Samsung Galaxy S6 – 563 nits

The Galaxy S6 is still a flagship device, a very decent one, actually! Its maximum brightness clocks in at 563 nits, which puts it rather high on this list.
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