SpaceX Dragon spacecraft postpones docking with space station

The International Space Station’s robotic arm, lower right, reaches for the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft in January 2015. (NASA TV via AP)

A SpaceX Dragon spacecraft that lifted off from historic launchpad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center on Sunday did not dock with the International Space Station as planned Wednesday morning after computers onboard recognized it had incorrect data about the location of the station.

The docking was postponed until Thursday.

The unmanned spacecraft is carrying 5,500 pounds of supplies and experiments to the astronauts aboard the station.

In a statement, NASA said that “onboard computers triggered the abort after recognizing an incorrect value in data about the location of the space station. Per the re-rendezvous plan built into every mission, the spacecraft automatically reset for another rendezvous and docking attempt in 24 hours.”

It said that Dragon “is in excellent shape with no issues, and the crew aboard the space station is safe.”

The space station, an orbiting laboratory, circles the globe at about 17,500 mph from an altitude of about 240 miles.