Best cheap smartwatches: Sony, Martian, Pebble and more

So your wallet can’t stretch to an Apple Watch Series 2 or a Samsung Gear S3? Don’t fret too much, there are other smartwatches you can grab without breaking the bank.

That said, considering Pebble was recently gobbled up by Fitbit, the range of options is a bit smaller of late. Where have all the budget smartwatches gone? There’s definitely a Pebble-shaped gap these days for anyone looking to spend $150 or less.

Now, if you head over to Amazon, you can pick up a host of smartwatches for as little as $15, but take it from us, they are awful. We tested a bunch of cheap smartwatches to give you an idea what you’d be dealing with.

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What we have below is our hand-picked list of recommended smartwatches, which enables you to save a few dollars/quid/clams. They’re not the absolute cheapest, but they are the bona fide deals we definitely feel comfortable recommending. Let us know any we’ve missed in the comments.

Best cheap smartwatches

Martian Notifier

The price of this Martian Notifier certainly makes things interesting if not exactly bringing anything groundbreaking to the party. Compatible with Android and iOS, the Notifier mixes an analogue face with a small OLED screen, which displays messages and calls. It’s a very similar smartwatch setup to the more expensive Guess Connect and Hugo Boss Smart Classic. While the screen is a little small, you can customise vibration patterns to identify callers. Yes it’s a bit old now, but for less than $40, it’s not bad at all.

$35.92, martianwatches.com | Amazon

Pebble 2

Best cheap smartwatches: Pebble, Sony, Samsung and more

We’ve kept the Pebble 2 in the list purely because nothing else quite offers the same set of features, specs and price. You get a seven day battery life, Pebble Health and Timeline, an optical heart rate monitor and a monochrome screen. If you’re picking one up, just be aware that Pebble services are safe but only for the course of 2017 and a lot of apps have disappeared so you’ll be relying on the basic functionality here. Still, for that price it could still be worth it.

$130, pebble.com | Amazon

Sony SmartWatch 3

The Sony SmartWatch 3 was our top Android Wear watch fave for a long time, and while it is now positively ancient, it’s still a solid budget/mid range smartwatch all-rounder. First up, it’s got full GPS tracking for all your fitness needs, then you’ll also find it’s got NFC for all your Google Wallet contactless payments and finally it’s got a two-day-plus battery life that actually delivers. If you want a cheaper sporty Android Wear watch equivalent to the Moto 360 Sport or the Polar M600, then this is your one.

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$125.99, sonymobile.com | Amazon

Amazfit Pace

Best cheap smartwatches: Pebble, Sony, Samsung and more

We haven’t tested the Amazfit Pace out yet but the affordable smartwatch from the Xiaomi offshoot looks very promising. It’s running focused with GPS and GLONASS as well as IP67 water resistance and an optical heart rate monitor. Battery life is up to 11 days or 36 hours with GPS and continuous HR turned on. Smartwatch features essentially boil down to alerts for calls, texts and apps though we haven’t seen any screens of how they show up on the display yet.

$159.99, amazfit.com | Amazon

Asus ZenWatch 2

For the ZenWatch 3, Asus decided it was time to go round, but if the whole rectangular or circle argument doesn’t bother you, the ZenWatch 2 is worthy of your attention. Okay, so it’s not challenging the big guns such as the Gear S3, Apple Watch Series 2 or Huawei Watch in any respect, but with all the latest Android Wear features and a slim, sleek build, it’s a bargain for the price and well worth considering.

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$119, asus.com | Amazon

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

Best cheap smartwatches: Pebble, Sony, Samsung and more

The OneTouch offers another cheap-ticket to the smartwatch party, and while it’s by no means the perfect smartphone companion, it still offers good value for money.

The iOS and Android-friendly smartwatch features an accelerometer, a gyroscope, an altimeter, a heart rate sensor, an e-compass and an NFC tag, and will offer fitness tracking as well as smartphone notifications.

It can be used to control music playback and can function as a remote shutter for your smartphone. Battery life is a decent 2-3 days, plus it powers up from a USB charger built into the strap, so there’s not a proprietary charging dock in sight to carry around.

Wareable verdict: Alcatel OneTouch Watch review

$118.14, alcatelonetouch.eu | Amazon

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