iPhone 3G UK review

When the original iPhone arrived in November 2007, it was preceded by massive hype. But a lot of people in the UK who were interested held back. We’d like to think they were guided by a thoughtful and careful technological principle: “Never buy version 1.0”. But, in reality, the high price, stingy O2 contract, lack of 3G and GPS, plus the lackluster camera, all weighed heavily against the iPhone.

With the release of Apple’s iPhone 3G and its new iPhone 2.0 software, the hype is back – with good reason – and the era of iPhone 1.0 is officially over. Those who waited for the second version of the iPhone will appreciate dramatically faster data access via 3G, mobile precision with GPS, and an impressive software update including a raft of third-party programs. For original iPhone buyers, the iPhone 3G is only a must-have upgrade for those who will take full advantage of the fast 3G data network.

iPhone 3GiPhone 3G

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