Xiaomi Mi 4C review

Xiaomi Mi 4C review

The new Mi 4c is widely advertised because of the Fast Charging-enabled USB Type-C port. In fact, Xiaomi thought this was a major enough upgrade to add the letter ‘c’ in the name. But there is more about the Mi 4c than that. Take the powerful Snapdragon 808 chip for example. It’s the one to power LG’s latest creations – the top of the shelf G4 and V10, and Xiaomi is shipping this flagship-grade hardware at half the G4 asking price.

The camera got upgraded too – it is now capable of higher resolution panoramic images and higher resolution slow-mo videos. And there is the refreshed and stylish MIUI v7 coming right out of the box.Xiaomi Mi 4C review

Sure, we can blame Xiaomi for reusing the same design over and over again, but if we have to be honest – we like it and we can let Xiaomi get away with it. We can live with the understated polycarbonate finish for yet another year because of the great pricing and even greater feature set.

The lack of a memory expansion slot and a removable battery is something the Mi followers expected, since it is becoming a trend even with the major Chinese’s brands. At least Xiaomi is dedicated on providing 32GB models or more for its smartphones.

Just like the Xiaomi Mi 4i, the Mi 4c isn’t meant to be a low-cost version of the Mi 4 original, but rather an alternative option. And this time around it sure won’t be remembered as such – the Mi 4c is more powerful, better connected, with richer imagining skills and a personality of its own.

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