The nice social software (image)
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The nice social software (image)

Nice is a social software based on pictures and labels.                                  The nice social software (image)
Pictures + label format allows more meaningful.Nice pictures as a social software allows you to get to know with you have a common lifestyle or friends with common interests.- choose filter effect – select photo stickers for photos tagged – release.Released photos can be automatically stored in the album at the same time, at the same time can also be a key synchronization to weibo, WeChat, QQ space.

1.Mark life’s good

The nice in the pictures of the most popular social software nowadays, apple AppStore recommended many times.

Young people of the world’s print dating paradise, as China’s first “image + label” social software, make nice photos + label style, make the photo more meaningful, can tell a story with pictures.With the nice sun out their own attitude towards life.In the nice allows you to get to know and you have a common way of life/hobbies friends, bask in the photos to know you.

Nice to meet the young people of fashion, personality, and the expression of a positive attitude towards life.Through the way of the label to display, as to reflect more pictures than simple represents the meaning and the meaning of images, more meet the needs of young people on the show, by the end of 2014, the nice has over hundred million posted pictures.

Since 10, founded in 2013, the nice have C round of financing, are respectively from matrix partners, morningside venture, HCapital, VYCapital, tiger global fund and other well-known institutions and investment of the company.

2.Product features                                                  The nice social software (image)


Interest in social

Nice has not only is based on the brand label image community, the later, the nice social attributes will be stronger and stronger.For example, in June 2014 version update, nice try to introduce the function of “chat”, based on a common brand, naturally have a social attribute, and the nice need on the product shape, the more stimulated the social attribute.
Show pictures

Show to understand you, sun life, sun, sun girlfriends, bask in pets, etc.

Nice to play tag.

Mark brand, location, character and the custom want to express emotions and thoughts, etc., click the TAB you can also find other more splendid contents with your “friends” with common interests.The nice little circle.

Interests, the interests of “friends” or “stranger”, to establish a belong to you in common circle, with the “real” play on a friend.

More than a filter                                                                                                           The nice social software (image)
13 filters, let you easily level times born in appearance, the fan is no longer a dream, PO is no longer a live technical.

Cool stickers

Flash stickers stickers + more than individuality, don’t have to write, and can easily express.
Cool stickers

Label/sticker joint activities
Nice tag try irregularly and fashion brand, film and television entertainment, theatrical performances for cross-border cooperation, to provide users with fun interesting tag, sticker activity and rich prize, but also bring partners the spread of precise and effective.

User attributes

Is like to have more lifestyle attitude of users, mainly women, fashionable tide male, big star cafe, etc., mainly concentrated in90 ages, 90



The nice social software (image)

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