Fitbit signing up beta testers for Call & SMS Notifications support on Fitbit wearables

We recently reported that Microsoft worked with Fitbit to bring GATT Server profile to Windows 10 Insider Build 15007 and suggested this meant we should see support from that company soon.

It seems this was indeed the case, as Fitbit is now collecting users for a closed beta to test the feature on Windows 10 Mobile.

To become one of the beta testers you need to:

  • Own a Windows 10 Mobile and Fitbit device
  • Be a participant of the Windows Insider program.
  • Be willing to provide your Microsoft Account Email.
  • You are willing to test app features in an alpha or beta state, on alpha/beta quality Windows OS builds.
  • You are willing to provide feedback and actively engage with devs to help us improve this feature to launch.
  • You understand the terms “flighting” and “whitelist,” without using Google/Bing.

Beta testers should ideally be well informed users familiar with the technical details of being involved in a beta program.

The test will start with Call & SMS Notifications  followed by support for Calendar, third party app notifications and Connected GPS support.

Qualifying users can sign up for the beta test here.