Grindr apparently suspending Windows Phone users who use the third party Meet’m app

The third party dating app cum Grindr client Meet’m which was pulled out of the Windows Store was restored to the store this week (Thanks for the tip “John Smith”) with a few updates as well.

Here’s the Store changelog.

  • Starting up the app is significantly faster now!
  • A new search field was added.
  • And the info you see about is guy is extended. And did you notice you can now see when another guy has read the message you sent? (only as long as you stay in the app))

While in theory, it should be smooth sailing from there on, it turns out the Grindr team are still using extra protection against third party apps.

Within a few hours of using the updated app, some users began to report that they were receiving a notice of suspension. Upon creating and account and playing around with it for a few minutes, I can confirm that the service did indeed suspend my account temporarily,.

To be clear, it appears the app doesn’t actually ban your account indefinitely as the ominous message would imply – Just like Snapchat did years ago – it just blocks the user from using the service until they sign in on an approved device (Read iOS and Android).

In other words, while Windows Phone users can still use Meet’m briefly,  access to the service apparently doesn’t last very long

Download it from the Windows Store at your peril.

Meet'm Download QR-CodeMeet’mDeveloper: OABsoftwarePrice: Free+