Dawn of Steel - iOS Strategy Genre Game
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Dawn of Steel – iOS Strategy Genre Game

Dawn of Steel - iOS Strategy Genre Game

Do you like big stompy robots? If you do, you’ll probably be into Dawn of Steel when it comes out for iOS this Thursday.

It’s a real-time strategy game in which you command giant mechanized walkers called Rigs to assault enemy fortifications.

You’ll be competing with other players to mine the resources of a newly discovered planet called Leviathan. And you’ll use cunning and brute force to get out on top.

But you’ll also need to build your own base and kit it out with defences to ensure the enemy Rigs don’t blow a hole right through it.

How you build your base is vital to survival. You’ll want to ensure stationary weapons have overlapping lines of sight.

You must also “align buildings within the effects of auxiliary installations to maximize their defensive potential,” according to the creators.

Not only that, but the more tactical savvy of you will ensure to launch automated counter-attacks with unit-spawning buildings.

It’s also worth noting who Dawn of Steel is made by. It’s a studio called Superweapon.

It’s a studio made up of a group of friends who worked on Command & Conquer, Empires & Allies, and Company of Heroes in the past.

So they should know what they’re doing with strategy games which, of course, is the genre Dawn of Steel belongs to.

Dawn of Steel will be free to download on the App Store once it comes out worldwide in a couple of days. It’s already available on the Australian App Store.

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