Fire Emblem Heroes update extends bonus period and adds EXP against weak opponents

Fire Emblem Heroes reportedly earned almost $3 million in its first day in the Play Store and a quick glance at App Annie reveals that it’s currently one of the highest grossing apps on the Android platform. It has proved to be so far successful, but like all of the most popular games on the platform, Nintendo will need to pump out a steady stream of updates to keep players engaged.

Nintendo has already confirmed that it will continue to add new stories, characters and skills to the title, but a recent in-app notice has outlined some other features you can expect from the next Fire Emblem Heroes update and when they will arrive.

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3 weeks ago

Now onwards

The benefits of the Worldwide Launch Celebration are staying indefinitely, meaning the stamina cost for the Training Tower is staying at fifty percent and the cost of equipping skills will remain at zero (something which will be music to the ears of fans).

Now until March 14
The app release bonus period that rewards players with two summoning orbs per day will continue to run for the four weeks until March 14.

February 20 – 21
Nintendo will add rewards to the Training Tower beginning next week but the company didn’t reveal specifics about them.

Early March
From early March, units will be able to earn EXP even against opponents at far lower levels than them (currently they don’t earn anything).

That’s all for now but we’ll continue to update this page with the latest Fire Emblem Update news as we get it.

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