Samsung’s next Gear VR headset could come with a controller

This article originally appeared on our sister-site, VR Source. 

Samsung’s next Gear VR product might come with a dedicated controller similar to Google’s Daydream view remote. The speculation arrives via leaker Roland Quandt (@rquandt), who suggests that the Gear VR itself will be almost identical to the previous iteration of the device, except it will house a new front cover to support the Galaxy S8 (and if leaked renders are to be believed, a place for the controller too).

Quandt didn’t mention specifics about the controller but renders which appeared last year could indicate how it’s going to look. Check them out below:

Google’s Daydream View, released last year, arrived with a handheld controller, used primarily for menu navigation and playing games. The current Gear VR is also compatible with Bluetooth controllers, however they need to be purchased separately.

Quandt did say that it would be a single-hand controller, though the device above features A, B, X, Y buttons, an analog stick and shoulder buttons, suggesting it was intended for two-handed use. This either means the design has recently changed, that it can be used for one or two handed use, that the renders are inaccurate, or that Quandt’s statement doesn’t provide the full story (it was posted in a tweet, after all).

I expect that the remote will operate single-handed and as a game controller and that Samsung is aiming to outdo what Google’s Daydream View remote currently offers. It wouldn’t be the first time Samsung has released a two-handed controller for Android.

There’s no news on a release date, but it’s likely to be launched simultaneously with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus (currently expected on March 29). What’s your take on the rumor? Let us know in the comments.


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