Samsung Glaxy S6 VS Iphone S6

Samsung Glaxy 6s VS Iphone 6s

What about its sworn nemesis the iPhone 6, though? Apple pulled ahead of Samsung with its previous generation; the S6 once again places Samsung at the head of the cometition. But hardware isn’t why you choose between an iPhone and a Galaxy. Samsung Glaxy 6s VS Iphone 6s
You should pick based on whether you’d rather be shackled to Apple’s software or locked into the Google/Samsung ecosystem.

The S6 comes in two models: the regular S6 and the S6 Edge. Both are extremely similar phones. The edge of the screen on the Edge lets you access your favorite contacts, or can be used as an alarm clock. So with the Edge, you’re paying an additional $100-120 (depending on carrier) for its look; as I tend to prefer function over form, I more highly recommend the Galaxy S6.Samsung Glaxy 6s VS Iphone 6s

Samsung’s design hit a nadir with the Galaxy S5. I have no problem with plastic phones; the Moto X, the Google Nexus 5, and Nokia’s lineup, for instance, all show how embracing polycarbonate can lead to bold, beautiful devices. But Samsung acted like it was ashamed of the S5’s plastic, and made it play pretend in a bunch of embarrassing ways: The fake chrome trim and “sheepskin-soft” back all worked hard to hide, rather than celebrate, the phone’s materials. If you’re going to be something, be it.

If you’re deciding between The Galaxy S6 and an iPhone, your decision should be based on software and services, not the hardware. Both devices are top notch, but the ecosystem difference matters far more than Samsung’s sharper screen or Apple’s slightly faster-to-launch camera. You need to decide whether you’re an S6 user who’s all about Gmail, Google Play apps, Hangouts, widgets, Google Now, and (probably) Windows PCs; or an Apple user into iTunes, iTunes-exclusive games, iMessage, Siri, and (probably) Mac OS. You’ll probably choose based on what your friends and family are using, so you can download the same apps and help each other. Whether you get a Galaxy S6 or an iPhone 6—two obvious Editors’ Choice phones—you’ll be a winner.Samsung Glaxy 6s VS Iphone 6s