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How often do you use Portrait Mode in iPhone 7 Plus?

Apple recently published a couple of new ads for the iPhone 7 Plus. Specifically, the 15-second videos are meant to showcase Portrait Mode, which is an exclusive feature for the 5.5-inch iPhone. Apple introduced it with last year’s flagship iPhone thanks to the dual-camera setup on the larger model, and, since then, it has not been shy in promoting it.

According to the Apple ads, they are super straightforward. Then again, at only 15 seconds, that shouldn’t be too surprising. But they have their typical flair to them, too. Moreover, they do show off the Depth Effect –what makes Portrait Mode worthwhile– really well. For the right type of picture, Portrait Mode is certainly worthwhile.

That dual-camera is the distinguishing feature for the iPhone 7 Plus (aside from its bigger display), so is it doing the trick?

It’s hard to argue that, despite the fact that the camera system on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus is quite different from the single-camera design on the iPhone 7, the use cases are similar more often than not. Even Apple makes it obvious that while the Depth Effect available to iPhone 7 Plus is great, it’s only beneficial in very specific situations.


i have tried to use the Portrait Mode quite a bit with the iPhone 7 Plus. Even in that small window, I thought I was definitely getting my money’s worth with the feature. Do I wish that I could get it on the iPhone 7? Yes. Will it ever happen? Who knows. At this rate, I probably just have to hope that the iPhone 8 isn’t $1,000, has a form factor that is comfortable to hold even with a big display, and also has the dual-camera setup on the back.

I am curious, though. There are a lot of iPhone 7 Plus units out there, so I’m wondering how often owners in the real world use the Portrait Mode feature. Is it something you’ve grown to love? Or are you not a fan of it at all? Let me know!

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