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Smoking Galaxy Note 7 caught on video

Recent days, there are a lot of photos showing burned and smoke-damaged Galaxy Note 7s, but we haven’t actually seen a device as it was smoking. That’s changed today.

burned galaxy note 7

A new video says a Galaxy Note 7 catching fire and emitting quite a bit of smoke. In the video, owner Dee Decasa can be seen carrying a Note 7 that’s smoking heavily and then putting the device down. Then she appears to faint.

We don’t really get a clear look at the actual phone in this video as the video is black and white and Decasa is far away from the camera. We can see a lot of smoke coming out of it, though, and so it’s understandable why Decasa would be frightened about the device and why other owners whose Note 7s caught fire would be, too.

Today Samsung permanently discontinued the Note 7, and both it and its carrier partners are urging owners to power down their Note 7s and exchange them for a different phone. This video shows why Samsung and its partners want anyone that has a Note 7 to turn it in right away.

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