Tile Rider

Tile Rider Mobile Phone Game for iPhone

Tile Rider

Tile Rider is a fast-paced racing game coming to iOS releasing at the end of September.

In Tile Rider game, you control a small vehicle in levels filled with hazards and enemies. Reaching the end intact requires deft driving, as well as manipulating objects to activate switches and other interactive elements.

Your can use magnetic grapple as a tool, with it, you could move boxes onto pressure pads, drag around powerful turrets, and push protective barriers in the way of deadly saw blades.

Tile Rider 2

Tile Rider introduces new mechanics as you progress, from portals and explosives to mounted weapons that let you directly engage enemy vehicles.

Tile Rider is slated for release around September 21st, and will be available on iPad and iPhone. You can also find the game on Steam.

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