Sony enters the Android Auto race with the XAV-AX100 audio system


Famous for its audio products, Sony has been staying out of the Android Auto race, but that doesn’t mean they were not planning a glorious entrance. The Japanese manufacturer has just announced the XAV-AX100 audio system, which is set to cost $499.99.

XAV-AX100_Angle_Sony_Home_Blue-230x150This far undercuts most of the competition. The cheapest of the latest Pioneer units start at $700, and even the older Kenwood ones go for over $600. Sony not only offers a lower price, but also quality. The XAV-AX100 features four 55-watt Dynamic Reality Amp 2 and wht they call “EXTRA BASS”. This is said to produce “clear sound and punchy bass”. If it’s not enough, you can also expand by connecting more amplifiers, thanks to its 3-pre out connectivity support.

There is one very interesting bit Sony also mentions – the system is compatible with Android Auto 2. What is Android Auto 2? We are not quite sure, but they may be referring to the improvements Google announced at this year’s IO.

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These include wireless connections, car manufacturer apps, Waze navigation, hotword support, using your phone as an Android Auto device and more. We are not sure if that is what they are talking about, though, so don’t quote us on that just yet.

Interested? The Sony XAV-AX100 will be hitting North America in late November. Once again, it is priced at $499.99. Are any of you signing up for it?

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