Fight E-Corp In Telltale Fashion With Mr. Robot

Would you pay for the opportunity to get wrapped up in hacker collective fsociety’s efforts to press the reset button on the world economy, just like they do in the TV show? Well publisher Telltale games and developer Night School Studio is offering just that in the form of a Mr. Robot-themed game that’s available now for Android on the Play store.

With the hacker’s previously lost phone now in your hands, you find yourself being drawn into the deep dark web being spun by the anarchistic hacker and the infamous fsociety.You’ve stumbled on the a smartphone that belongs to a hacker who’s set on launching an unprecedented cybercrime, one more devastating than anything the world has ever seen.

The game sets you in the shoes of protagonist Elliot Alderson, a hacker maybe even more moody and disconnected from society than Watch Dog’s Aiden Pierce. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.apk spins a new thread from the first series of the TV show.Coming out of E3 usurper Gamescom, Mr.

And it’d better be a fairly powerful Android device, as this story-driven game calls for a Mali-T760MP8 GPU and 3GB of RAM to meet the minimum specs. Robot on your droid.Free of ads, you’ll only have to pay $2.99 up front to dive into the world on Mr.

Befitting a Telltale game, the story hinges on the decisions you make as you communicate with the fsociety team and other parties via a messaging app installed on the recovered phone. Those decisions will have consequences so pervasive, you likely have trouble guessing the consequence when you find yourself at junction where amoral choices fork.


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