Apple Watch 2 Have No Cellular Connectivity

The updated Apple Watch 2 will not come with cellular connectivity, despite Apple attempting to add the feature to its next–generation smartwatch.

Apple has long been looking at making the Apple Watch independent of its smartphone. It even held talks with networks about such plans, according to anonymous insiders.

However, it was unable to add a mobile chip without massively compromising on the watch’s already questionable battery life, said the sources.

Despite this, the same people say that Apple will launch the second version of its smartwatch later this year. The device will come with improved GPS tracking smarts in order to give more accurate data on walking and running, making it a better for fitness fanatics.

But the fact that the new watch won’t be able to work without pairing it to an iPhone means sales of the Apple Watch are likely to sluggish.

The news will come as a bitter blow to those hoping to snap up the new watch and use it as a standalone product. As it stands, the Apple Watch 2 will have to be connected to an iPhone in order to be fully functional.

Apple has already revealed plans to make health and fitness the focus of its new watchOS software.

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