The New Nexus Devices Of HTC Coming For Google

This isn’t some sort of old documentation for older HTC-made Nexus hardware.Both documents are dated July 20th, and the FCC published them on August 15th, so there’s little doubt at this point. These are two distinct statements made for two upcoming devices that were not released yet – you can see both of them at the source links below.

“We, HTC Corporation, herby declare that the user guide submitted for review is draft and the final version will be made publicly available on Google’s website ( at the time the product is commercially released,” the documents

Spotted by TechTastic, the two documents do not mention Sailfish or Marlin by name, and they do not list features or specs. But they do mention Nexus and Google.

No, HTC did not come out with any official announcement that would prove what all Nexus rumors say – that HTC is making the Sailfish and Marlin for Google. The struggling Taiwanese smartphone maker has been working on Nexus-branded devices for Google. However, official HTC documents spotted at the FCC are very clear.

The devices are expected to share the same high-end design and flagship specs, and launch at some point in early October.In related news, the first real photos showing the upcoming Nexus smartphones have been leaked.

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