Nautiz X2

The Android 5.1 Lollipop-powered Nautiz X2

Handheld Group happen to be a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers,although you might not have heard of the Handheld Group before. In fact, they have recently announced their spanking new Nautiz X2 enterprise handheld that will run on Google’s Android mobile operating system, and yet arrive in a form factor that is as tough as nails. It is safe to assume that the Nautiz X2 is the successor to the already rugged Nautiz X1 which came out close to three years ago.

Measuring a mere 150mm x 73.5mm, is it all of just 16 mm deep at the keyboard, and tips the scales at just 230 grams. It will boast of IP65 ingress protection rating against dust, sand and water immersion, and also meets stringent MIL-STD-810G military test standards for overall durability and resistance to humidity, shock, vibrations, drop, salt and extreme temperatures. Expect full production of the Nautiz X2 to kick off this month.

Nautiz X2 1

Just what does the Nautiz X2 sport where its hardware specifications are concerned? For starters, we are looking at an integrated high-quality scanner, in addition to the now standard camera and of course, mobile phone functionality, arriving in what has been deemed to be the most compact and ergonomic form factor on the market at the moment for a device in its class.

In terms of hardware specifications, the Android 5.1 Lollipop-powered Nautiz X2 will feature the likes of high-quality, high-speed scanners that offer 1D or 2D capability, an integrated camera that delivers 8-megapixel clarity, with autofocus and flash, 4G/LTE support, as well as Google GMS that enables users to use Google Maps and download Play Store apps. Your eyes should also be more than happy with the sunlight-readable 4.7” capacitive display that offers multi-touch sensitivity, all of which are crammed into a small size, lightweight and sleek design.

Nautiz X2

Enterprise users will find that the Nautiz X2 is an all-in-one mobile computer which is more than capable of handling all the tasks of a day’s work, as it boasts of built-in ruggedness that enables it to be used just about anywhere — ranging from a warehouse to challenging outdoor environments with moisture, dust, extreme high or low temperatures and potential drops.