Samsung Galaxy S8 features 4K display and dual rear cameras

As we’ve already reported, the S8 which is the next flagship phone in the Galaxy line of Samsung mobile devices is being speculated on considerably and the rumors of 4K display and AMOLED screen technology are going strong.

According to the rumor that the latest rumor about what will in any case truly be a powerful new phone is suggesting that the S8 will come with a powerful dual rear camera system that’s designed to compete with the powerful camera technology we can expect from the next iPhone, the lens of the S8’s dual rear camera system will be made through precision engineering by the Samsung Motors subdivision of Samsung and should at the very least slightly outdo the already stunning 4K camera that’s found on this year’s Samsung Galaxy S7.

As for 4K display, rumors are also strong that it’s coming for the S8. For one thing, Samsung recently showed off a phone-sized 5.5 inch 4K UHD AMOLED screen at work during the recent Display Week 2016 event for consumer display technologies. Furthermore, Samsung is working on VR headset technology for next year and since this technology revolves around small phone displays being placed into a headset device that puts the 5.5 inch screen close to the eyes, 4K resolution will be an integral part of that type of VR.

Alongside this dual camera system in the S8, the phone will include the software and apps it needs to make the double rear cameras work at their best and in a highly versatile way. Since Samsung –and many users—are expecting the upcoming iPhone 7 to come with one very impressive 4K camera package, the possible dual camera technology of the S8 would be a serious dose of competition to the Apple flagship phone.

Thus, if the Galaxy S8 is indeed being developed with 4K headset display in mind as part of its capabilities, the idea of a native 4K display in this 2017 phone starts to look much likelier.

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