Tricks for Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning
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Tricks for Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning

Are you having a hard time completing Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning? No worries, we’re here for you and we’re not the only ones!! For example, Michelle Hornblow, who wrote a very interesting article about the latest Delicious game. We’ve found these amazing tips and tricks for Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning on her blog, and we’d love to share them with you!

Where to find the mouse

A level doesn’t feel completed until you’ve found that rascally little mouse, Carl! Sometimes it’s very hard to spot this little fellow. When you look really closely you’ll probably notice him. But when you’re caught up in the game it becomes more of a challenge. Haven’t found him yet? Here’s where he’ll pop up!

Restaurant 1: Emily’s Place

Level 1-1:Behind the plant pot to the right of the front door.
Level 1-2:Peeking out the top of Paige’s play pen.
Level 1-3:Peeking over Emily’s counter top – the smaller counter on the right.
Level 1-4:Look at the top of the stairs, in the little window (just below the light).
Level 1-5:Looking inside from the main window – just above the first table. If there are customers sitting at that table, the mouse is covered by their speech/order bubble.
Level 1-6:Just to the right of the cash register.
Level 1-7:Peeking out from the stain-glass window at the top of the screen – above the Emily’s Place window (aim for the stain-glass above the Y’S in EmilY’S).
Level 1-8:Peeking through the glass of the open front door – by the gold door handle on the door to the left.
Level 1-9:At the end of the bench table with two stools.
Level 1-10:Look to the center table with the flower display behind it – Carl pokes his head around the right-hand side of the flower display, near the floor.

Tricks for Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning

Restaurant 2: The Patio

Level 2-1:Hiding between the pizza oven and the prep table, on the floor.
Level 2-2:Behind the pot plant.
Level 2-3:Peeking between the pasta prep station and the ice-cream prep station.
Level 2-4:The center back table – just behind the condiments on the table, at the bottom of the vine/tree.
Level 2-5:To the left of the cash register.
Level 2-6:In the bottom left corner, by the gelato cart.
Level 2-7:At the bottom right of the bread station.
Level 2-8:Behind the wheel spoke of the gelato cart.
Level 2-9:In the extra tray of the gelato cart (the one off to the side).
Level 2-10:Pops up by Sid, the cleaner.

Tricks for Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning

Restaurant 3: Patrick’s Garden

Level 3-1:Right in the center garden – in the empty dirt spot.
Level 3-2:Behind the fence, to the right of the garden door.
Level 3-3:Just above the bush that is behind the oven.
Level 3-4:Pops up just above the brick shelves that hold the sandwich ingredients.
Level 3-5:Peeking out from the right side of the fruit prep station.
Level 3-6:Along the top of the fence, peeking up from a brick pillar (above the purple leafy flowers).
Level 3-7:Out the top of the oven.
Level 3-8:Peeking out from the left side of Paige’s teepee.
Level 3-9:Peeking over the little stone wall, by the table up the stairs.
Level 3-10:Behind the fence – above where the tulips/daffodils grow.

Tricks for Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning

Restaurant 4: Wu’s Cuisine

Level 4-1:Peeking in from the left-hand side window (just above the table).
Level 4-2:On the red carpet inside the front door, to the right.
Level 4-3:Peeking out from the flower display near the kitchen.
Level 4-4:Hiding at the soup station.
Level 4-5:Peeking out from the kitchen door, near the floor.
Level 4-6:Peeking out next to the wine by the counter.
Level 4-7:Just above the crêpe station.
Level 4-8:Peeking in from the left-hand side window (just above the table… again?!).
Level 4-9:Hiding above the recycle bin.
Level 4-10:Peeking between the crêpe and the salad station.

Tricks for Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning

Restaurant 5: Wu’s Place

Level 5-1:Behind the privacy-screen at the right of the screen (where the stairs are), just above the table.
Level 5-2:Peeking out from the top of Paige’s corner.
Level 5-3:Peeking in the window at the very bottom right-hand corner.
Level 5-4:On top of the privacy-screen that is by the front door – to the very left.
Level 5-5:Peeking around the side of the sake/tea station.
Level 5-6:Between the Udon/Mie and fry station.
Level 5-7:Hiding behind the bamboo plants that are by the conveyor belt.
Level 5-8:Outside, peeking around the front door, near the door handle on the right-hand side door.
Level 5-9:By the bridge that goes over the pond, at the end with the tables.
Level 5-10:Look at the top of the stairs, in the little window (just below the painting).

Tricks for Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning

BONUS – Restaurant 6: The Farmhouse

Level 6-1:Hiding by the Christmas tree, at the top of the step-ladder.
Level 6-2:Peeking in the window to the left of the front door, near the table.
Level 6-3:Behind the center table, peeking out from behind the gold patterned banister.
Level 6-4:Next to the barrel of candle wax.
Level 6-5:Behind Santa.
Level 6-6:At the left-hand end of the main counter – if Sid is standing there, he’s just behind his head.
Level 6-7:In the right-hand window near the top – if you have the stars, he’ll be right by the star on that side.
Level 6-8:To the left of Paige’s toy block.
Level 6-9:In the right-hand window, in the left-pane.
Level 6-10:By the chocolate milk/Glühwein.

Tricks for Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning

Are these tricks going to help you complete Delicious – Emily’s New Beginning? Hope for helping you!

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