Apple will present the dual curved display iphone

Apple May Be Launch Dual Curved Display IPhone In 2017

It seems that everybody is more excited about the 10 year anniversary model, rumored to come with dual curved edges.

Confirmed by a major Apple supplier, next year’s phone will use an all glass design and now it seems its screen edges will be curved and perhaps those of the back glass too. IHS Technology’s director of market research, Kevin Wang is the source of the new info and he also revealed last week that Apple would double the iPhone 7 storage capacity. Apple will present the dual curved display iphone 02We also heard that Apple is going full on OLED next year, giving up the LCD and possibly using Sharp’s and Samsung’s best tech available. We can’t help but wonder how is anyone going to buy an iPhone 7 know what’s coming in 2017. The only logical reason would be if you own an iPhone 5s or something like that, otherwise, there’s simply no point.

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