WWDC 2016 won't have new hardware

WWDC 2016 Probably Won’t Release New Hardware

Industry insiders hint that the Worldwide Developers Conference will adhere to its original purpose and stick to software and software alone. This means, most-likely leaving the iPhone announcements on their usual September schedule, but also probably skipping on any new MacBook Pro with an OLED touch display above the keyboard, that has been floating around in the rumor mill. WWDC 2016 won't have new hardware 02However, this definitely doesn’t mean that there are no new announcements to get excited about. IOS 10 should make its official debut at the venue and so should other big software updates across the entire Apple device ecosystem. The new mobile OS promises another round of UI refinements, with the Apple Music app, likely getting a major redesign for a bolder, yet more simplistic look, as the company puts it.

Another popular rumor hints at Apple Pay support for web browsers, so people can make purchases through Safari, as well as integration into iMessage for money transfers. This is actually a feature Google has had for some time now and its only natural Cupertino offers to convenience to its customers as well. Last, but definitely not least, there is talk of a new Siri SDK, which could finally allow third-party developers to integrate it in their apps.

But mobile won’t be getting all the goodies this year. Moving on to computers and while we are on the topic of Siri, rumor has it that Apple’s personal assistant will finally be making it to the big screen, just like its Microsoft counterpart Cortana. This novelty should come in OS X 10.12, said to debut on stage. And some of the aforementioned iOS changes might actually extend to OS X as well, like a redesign to iTunes and extended Apple Pay functionality. One of the bolder hunches suggest that the OS will actually be renamed to MacOS, which would make it fit better with the rest of Apple’s software family – iOS, tvOS, watchOS.

So, be sure to tune in on June 13 for a live stream of the event. As always, we expect recent Apple devices will have easy access to the video and in all likelihood, Microsoft Edge will work for Windows users, as it has in the past.

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