Action Launcher-One Of The Practical Launcher Of Android

Action Launcher-popular Android app 03

One of the best Android lancher is Action Launcher. It can mixes things up and changes the interface paradigm from what you’d expect in a “normal” launcher — but not too much. You still have a highly customizable home screen and dock, but if you want to find an app, rather than going into the traditional app drawer, you swipe in from the left side of the screen for Quickdrawer.

This compact app drawer makes finding an app much faster than swiping through pages in a traditional app drawer, and the quick-scrolling feature allows you to zip through your app list no matter how many apps you’ve installed.Action Launcher-popular Android app You also get Shutters and Covers, which give you innovative ways to launch into folders and widgets with swipes — it’s all about getting to your apps and content quicker. There’s a free version of Action Launcher for everyone to try, with a pro upgrade costing just $3.99 — and after you figure out the time-saving features you’ll want to unlock it.Action Launcher-popular Android app 02

It’s fair to say that Action Launcher is one of our favorites as well as being one of the very best.