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Best App For Who Loves To See Moive-Flixster

Flixster is a great app to watch trailers, read reviews and buy tickets all from the app.

One of modern life’s great conundrums is which movie is worth your valuable time and money. Flixster is abundantly up to the task of helping you to make the decision, with trustworthy reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, trailer viewing, and box office rankings. It also shows you what’s playing nearby, keeps you abreast of the latest DVD releases, and lets you watch your UltraViolet movie collection. One downside: There’s no in-app theater ticket purchasing.Flixster- best app of film By creating Flixster Video, a stand-alone app for just playback features, we’ve been able to optimize speed, image quality, and overall performance. You can find the Flixster Video app for compatible iOS devices by searching for Flixster Video in the App Store.

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