Difficult But Interesting Long-Running Game-Lara Croft GO

Funny puzzle gameLara Croft GO 02

Lara Croft GO turns the long-running action/adventure series into a touchscreen puzzler, where you’ll move one spot at a time and manipulate the environments to reach a goal. Each stage is like a compact brain-teaser, with obstacles to overcome, enemy patterns to beat, and other wrinkles that build and expand over the course of the campaign. Funny puzzle gameLara Croft GO Funny puzzle gameLara Croft GO 03It doesn’t look quite like Tomb Raider, although the chunky-meets-cartoonish isometric aesthetic is wonderful. And it’s not as fast or fluid as Tomb Raider, but it still captures the essence of the experience in this new form. It’s a pretty superb mobile adaptation, really. You can download on iOS, google store or Windows store.