One Of The Most Funny RTS Games On Android-MechCom 2

MechCom 2-RTS games of 2016 03

A good new RTS games on Android now, that is MechCom 2. It offers a very sturdy Warzone-2100-inspired outing that will please anyone with a hankering for strategy.MechCom 2-RTS games of 2016 02It sees you play the role of a military commander sent by a powerful corporation to mine for minerals on an alien planet. Of course, it’s no picnic: a war is raging for control of the mineral-rich world.MechCom 2-RTS games of 2016 It’s well tailored to the mobile platform, but sometimes this comes at the expense of exhaustive customization options. Otherwise, especially for just $1, the game demonstrates high production values, and it’s clearly been developed by a team with a love of RTS games. All in all, a great way to get your strategy fix on the go.