Reddit unveil the official app for Android 02
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Androind Users Can Download The Reddit Now

Reddit is a famous entertainment app. It was only available on the App Store. Now if you using the android, you can download it.

Ever since Reddit’s popularity was on the rise the past few years, many developers who were also fans of the site have taken it upon themselves to create their own Reddit client because other clients were not as good as they’d hoped. They also must have been tired of waiting for Reddit to release an official app. Reddit unveil the official app for Android 03
Reddit has been hard at work developing its own official app since around 2014 when it posted a job listing looking for someone to help do so. We’ve already seen Reddit testing a Beta since December 2015. Then, Reddit released the Beta for private testers and, now, finally we see the official first public release of the “Reddit: The Official App”.Reddit unveil the official app for AndroidSurely, many might still flock to their own Reddit reader of choice, and that’s okay. Just because Reddit finally releases an official client for readers to use, doesn’t necessarily mean readers will stop using their own app of choice, perhaps one they’ve been using for months, even years in some cases.

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