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Thumb Drift-A Driving Game Which Get Your Blood Running

If you want to spend your free time on game, Thumb Drift is a good choice. It is a driving game which will makeyou insane.
Thumb Drift driving game The name tells you everything you need to know about it. Your aim is to drift around various tracks, all with the power of your thumb. You accelerate automatically, with your thumb used to drag or swipe on screen in order to make a turn. Hit pretty much anything – even with a glancing blow – and it’s game over. This isn’t one of those racing games where you can bounce off the sides. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Thumb Drift is very sensitive to your thumb, reacting to the slightest of touches. That means you’ll almost certainly be overdoing it. Dragging your finger too hard, and inevitably causing your car to go flying into the side of a barrier. The key here is to be careful, gradually dragging your finger around the screen. Realising that is also when you begin to enjoy Thumb Drift more so. As you play, you learn a little more, every time, on how to avoid over or under doing various manoeuvres. You need to concentrate the whole time, but it doesn’t feel like hard work.Thumb Drift driving game 04Thumb Drift encourages such repeated sessions through a series of missions, unlocks, and fast loading times. While it’s supported by ads, you can get around them fairly quickly. The only ones that take up time are those you watch in order to gain a 2x multiplier for the coins you acquire. It’s not compulsory, though. Instead, reloading and trying again is pretty speedy.

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