Microsoft Lumia Phones sales condition

Microsoft Lumia Phones Continue To Fall Which Sold Only 4.5 Million Last Quarter

Microsoft just sold only 4.5 million Lumia phones in the last quarter of 2015.That’s down from the 10.5 million figure reported in the same quarter the year prior.Microsoft Q4 2015 just sold only 4.5 million Lumia Phones
This translates into a drop of around 50% compared to the last quarter of 2014. Considering the latest IDC report which said that a total of around 400 million smartphones were shipped in Q4 2015, Microsoft’s share comes out to be just over 1% for the quarter.

The numbers speak for themselves. Hopefully Q1 which will be the first where the new Lumia trio – 550, 950 and 950XL is available for the full three months will help turn things around.

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