Brownies-Quirky Magical Adventure

Level 6-10 of Emiply's New Beginning

After time management and hidden object games, April sheds light on a beautifully quirky simulation game.It will put your strategic wits to work and join a literally huge adventure in a minuscule world! Brownies is all about the story, about amazingly cute characters and about action, tons of action.In short,it will meet all the need of the game lovers with all the lovers of a good story and great strategy.I am sure you will regret because of missing out it!

About Brownies

Genre: Action/Simulation


A fruitless visit to grandma ends in a magically absurd adventure. The whole family decides to go for a nice day out and surprise grandma with a family get together.However,instead of finding grandma, you find an empty house and a hot pot of tea on the table. You all decide to take a seat, relax with a cup of tea and wait to surprise grandma. She couldn’t have gone far, or so you think as you take your first sip…Before you know it, you wake up in an enchanting world. Everything seems bigger, or is it that you seem smaller? Just when you start to panic, a friendly creature appears. It’s a Brownie! He’ll gladly assist you in finding your family, but this won’t be an easy task. Your grandma might be further away than you think, with tons of challenges ahead and the friendly Brownies needing some well-deserved help with their own troubles too. You’re amazing adventure is just beginning…

Brownies-Quirky Magical Adventure

From my point of view,this game is totally about the story.Your first encounter with the game is an introduction to the adventure that lies ahead. You meet the family, visit grandma’s house and discover she’s not home. From that moment on there’s no turning back; you’re in it for the long run! The story evolves with every level you play and each dialogue gives further depth to this enchanting tale. There is no denying that it really is so much fun!

Not long after this introduction you wake up in the magical world of the Brownies. The graphics don’t look incredibly advanced,whereas they do have a certain charm and the concept definitely makes up for this. Imagine you’ve been shrunk to the size of an ant, and you have to navigate your way around this new oversized world! Well done in my opinion, but for me this could have been topped with improved graphics.

In short,Brownies delivers a captivating story, filled with tons of fun gameplay. The further into the game you play, the less you want it to end. Instead of finding grandma and returning to the real world, you might as well stay there together with the Brownies and never ever leave!

In the world of the Brownies, you soon get to meet lots of these funny little creatures. Each Brownie has a distinct cute personality all of their own.Actually they are so cute that you find yourself wishing these funny little fellows would exist in the real world! All of this makes for an incredible experience within the game, and we haven’t even considered the gameplay yet.

Brownies-Quirky Magical Adventure

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