Apple Announces 75% Users Are Updated The IOS9

75% Apple users are using the new system version 01

75% of compatible devices are using the iOS 9 now, Apple said.This means that three out of every four mobile devices from the company are currently running iOS 9.

The number stood at 70% last month, and 66% the month prior. So as you can see, the iOS 9 adoption has been steadily increasing. In fact, back in September last year, when the adoption crossed the 50% mark within just five days of the OS’ launch, Apple said it is the fastest rate ever seen by the company for a new OS iteration. 75% Apple users are using the new system version 02Just recently, Apple released the first beta of iOS 9.3 for developers. It includes features such as multi-user support for iPads as well as Night Shift, which adjusts the colors in your device’s display to make sure that your eyes aren’t exposed to the bright blue light after sunset.